Torrey is a user on Brick Hill. He is active on the website and the unofficial Discord server. He likes to make free clothing.

Although he can sometimes be rough, Torrey considers himself a nice guy. In his time off of Brick Hill, he likes to play video games and collect vinyls.


Torrey originally joined Brick Hill on April 15th, 2017, under the username Tor. He would soon abandon Tor and create the account Coot, which he was known as previously on Blox City. In the following months, he would go on to create the accounts Torrey, Cell, and Cannabis.

During May and June, Torrey would use his accounts to coin farm currency onto Coot. After admitting to it on the unofficial Discord server, all of his accounts were terminated. He would then go on to create the accounts Bandicoot, Professor Cootenwood, and Yippeekiyay. After discussing the issue with staff members, he was able to reduce Coot's termination to a three month ban. He would go on to abandon Bandicoot and Professor Cootenwood, and planned to use Yippeekiyay as his main account until Coot was unbanned.

In his time on Yippeekiyay, Torrey was offered to help test the Workshop. During this period Coot was unbanned, however he decided to stick with Yippeekiyay, and deemed Coot his alternative account; he also had all of Coot's items transferred to Yippeekiyay.

Today, Torrey still uses Yippeekiyay as his main account. He would eventually rename Yippeekiyay to Zemphies, and then Zemphies to Toadstool, as to which it still remains today. On 4/14/18, Torrey was unterminated.


  • Torrey created Brick Hill's Twitter profile picture.
  • Torrey's real first name is Torrey.
  • Torrey has donated around ฿15000 total value to users.
  • Torrey was the inspiration for the tool Maple Syrup Bottle and the face Blue Anime Eyes.
  • Torrey has created many more accounts, however he considers them "lost accounts".